"Pure Satanism": on Postmodernity in Western Society

 Video with English subtitles.

About Postmodernity, the West, the orthodox identity and the Russian society.

To study properly Russian society we are in need of the method based on the phenomenological approach to the Russian society in its particularity. Russian society should be regarded as original phenomenon and not as a version of European society.

Analyzing Russian society sociologically we should not only apply to it the pretended “universal” rules of sociological study (based on the Western historical experience), but rather try to grasp as Russians themselves understand the world, the state, the community, the history, the political power, the social statuses and roles.

Correct study consists in understanding of the sociological meaning of this Russian society starting from its own features and particularities that shouldn't be estimated in the semantic context proper to the Western (or Eastern) type of societies. 

The Post-Modernity represents the great parody.