Technology is the absolute enemy of man

In the case of network technologies (technology) - Google, twitter, youtube, facebook, instagram, etc. - we see a very important phenomenon: they do oppose Russia not because they depend on the U.S. government. They do not depend on it. They are the tools of the globalists, of a supranational oligarchy that no one elected. And no one gave them the right to set their own rules on a global scale.

But if the U.S. is led by a leader who does not please the globalists, then all these networks are consolidated against him as well - as was the case with Trump when he was still President of the United States! And his Twitter account has already been shut down because someone did not like what he said. The question is who?

Now all of Russia has been shut down. The globalists are punishing our country. But it's not just about online services. The internet itself was designed and created by the Pentagon. And it is the U.S. that controls domains and domain names on a global scale. Just as they control SWIFT, the dollar, and the entire global - primarily financial - economic infrastructure. It is their world, their technology, their rules, and it is especially obvious now.

Whoever accepts these rules immediately becomes dependent on them. And that includes Microsoft, Apple, iPhones, and all technology in general, the keys to which remain in the hands of the globalist top brass.

They rule the world, hiding behind states, societies, governments and corporations.

These are the laws of Capital. One cannot be dependent on them and free at the same time. Disconnecting Russia from the West is something fundamental. Russia is breaking out of slavery into an entirely new strategic expanse of being.

Technology is not neutral. The market is not the territory of free enterprise and fair competition. It is a myth. The market and technology have a very definite master. And if he does not like something, he can change the rules at any time, because he invented them and imposed them.

Technology, by its very nature, carries the poison of materialism, exploitation, violence, and, ultimately, vice. It replaces being, reality, labor, life, feeling, morality, love. Technology is alienation, and it cannot, sooner or later, but lead to the replacement of the real with the virtual, to a world of total disinformation, simulacres, electronic illusions and direct impact on the consciousness of people.

Technology is the absolute enemy of man. Now more than ever, we are convinced of this.

There is no technology which belongs to everyboby and nobody. Everything in the world has a master.

Spengler said that when culture dies, it turns into a technical civilization. Today we can see for ourselves what he meant. The modern West has lost culture altogether. It has become pure technology.

So today he declares war on us. Those who still have a living relationship with existence. Many Russians are caught in the trap of technology and do not imagine themselves without it. They are victims of a terrible psychological war of civilization.

It is impossible to completely abandon technology and networks, as we will find ourselves defenseless in the face of an insidious and maddening enemy. But the country needs its own technics, a Russian network, a Russian method. Our technics should not alienate and kill, but animate and transform. It must knowingly contain something spiritual, something profoundly Russian.

Russia is facing a very serious test. And with every hour of special military operation in Ukraine, the stakes in the war with the modern world, with the West and its global oligarchy, are rapidly increasing. To win, the existential mode must be sharply shifted.

We need different structures, different mechanisms and different personalities, a complete and profound awakening of the very essence of our people. This is the final battle against the world's evil that we have walked through the centuries of our difficult and beautiful history.

The masks have been thrown off. Russia was left alone with the element of absolute evil. We are out of the matrix. We have been disconnected from it. And this is a completely unaccustomed state. The owners of the technology believe that now we will die. But now we will only begin to live.

To live as a free and independent people.